From scraps to masterpiece

Learn how you can use your old yarn scraps for a new beautiful project.

This guide shows how you can incorporate your leftover yarn to knit the beautiful Dorthea Sweater - Mohair Edition.

Find the recipe here.

Using leftover yarn from the stash for a new knitting project is an ideal way to clean up the yarn stock.

I would therefore encourage you all to look through your yarn stash for mohair scraps, just as I have done, and add the scraps to your Dorthea Sweater - Mohair Edition. It is both good for the wallet and gives the sweater a beautiful and unique kick.

Below is an inspiration for the Dorthea Sweater - Mohair Edition.

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But how should you use your mohair scraps for the Dorthea Sweater - Mohair Edition?

It can be difficult to know if you have enough mohair scraps to knit the Dorthea Sweater - Mohair Edition entirely from scraps. Therefore, it may be necessary to purchase a little extra yarn, eg. as a companion thread to the mohair remnants.

That's why I've made a guide below that can help you calculate whether your amount of mohair scraps is enough for the whole sweater, or you need to buy a little extra.

1. Step: Find the total running length for the project.

Ex. Let's start by knitting a size S , where the total amount of yarn is a total of 375 g. Oulu. Oulu has a running length of approx. 237 m per English of 25 g.

This therefore means that the total running length to knit a size S is:

375/25 = 15 ngl.

237*15 = 3555 m.

2. Step: Calculate the total running length of your mohair scraps.

IMPORTANT: Different mohair eg. have different running lengths and this must be taken into account in the calculation.

Ex. Let's start from my mohair scraps, which consist of this hand-dyed mohair, where there is a running length of 210 m per skein. English of 25 g.

Here I have a total of 195 g, which therefore means that the total length of the remaining mohair is:

195/25=7.8 ngl.

7.8*210=1638 m.

3. Step: Subtract your total run length for the mohair remnants from the total run length and buy if necessary. extra

Ex. If we take the above examples as a starting point with a total running length of the sweater in size S of 3555 m and a total running length of the mohair remains of 1638 m, this will therefore correspond to a lack of:

3555-1638=1917 m.

This therefore corresponds to a purchase of Oulu yarn at:

1917/237=8.1 ngl Oulu = 8-9 ngl. Oulu.

4. Step: Find out how many follower threads you may need. must knit with.

IMPORTANT: This step should only be taken into account if your mohair remnants do not extend far enough for the entire sweater.

Ex. If we continue to take the above examples as a point of departure with a total running length for mohair scraps of up to a total of 1638 m, this means that you must knit with 2 follower threads Oulu and one thread of mohair scraps, so that you knit with 3 threads of mohair in total.

You calculate this by taking the total running length for the entire sweater, which in our example is 3555 m for a size S and parts with the total of 3 threads the sweater is knitted in.

3555/3=1185 m.

This means that each thread that is to be knitted with must be able to reach a total of 1185 m. Since the 1638 m of mohair remains are above this number of 1185 m, they will therefore be able to be used for a single thread in the sweater.

In our case, it is not possible to knit with 2 strands of mohair scraps, as this would require a total running length for the mohair scraps of:

1185*2=2370 m.

The same applies if you only want to knit the sweater in mohair scraps. This would require a total run length for the mohair scraps of:

1185*3=3555 m.

Therefore, it is important to calculate the total running length of your mohair scraps and adapt it to the desired size you want to knit. In the above cases, it is intended for a size S.