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Mask marker - Make yourself

Mask Markers

Click here and find a tutorial on these stitch markers. In this tutorial you can learn how to make your own mask marker. They are completely unique and can be made in any color! They are both beautiful, but also useful for your knitwear.

Italian closure - Knit

Tutorial - Italian closure

Press here and find the tutorial on Italian closing. A cool technique of cane is the Italian closure. It is perfect for a beautiful ribbed border. It is time consuming, but it is totally worth it.

The toiletry bag - Sew yourself

The toiletry bag

Click here to find the toilet bag tutorial. An easy toiletry bag made from your fabric scraps. All leftovers can be used.

Button post - Knit

Button post

Click here to find a tutorial on button posts etc. This tutorial covers how to make a button post, buttonholes and how to sew buttons on.

Checked trousers - Sew yourself

Checked trousers

Click here to find tutorials on the popular books. The popular checked trousers are a must this summer. It is simple and easy to understand. There are already many of you who have taken it well.