Yarn alternatives for the Alma Sweater

Here you will find yarn alternatives for the Alma Sweater.

How to find a yarn alternative?

As a starting point for all Athene Knitwear's patterns, you can choose exactly the type of yarn you want. The only thing to be aware of when choosing is the knitting strength. You must find a type of yarn that complies with the knitting strength specified in the recipe. In this way, you are ensured that the size ultimately fits the measurements given in the pattern.

For the Alma Sweater, the knitting density is 24 stitches x 34 rows on needles 4 mm in stockinette stitch.

The recipe is available in the following sizes: XS (S) M (L) XL

Below is an overview of possible yarn alternatives for the Alma Sweater in the categories: original yarn and budget-friendly yarn.

Original yarn:

Materials: 1 strand of Drops Baby Merino (50 g = approx. 175 m) can be knitted with 1 strand of Drops Kid-Silk (25 g = approx. 210 m).

Amount: 400 (450-500) 500-550 (550-600) 600 g Baby Merino. 150-175 (175-200) 200-225 (225-250) 250 g Kid-Silk.

Price (without mohair): DKK 232 (290) 319 (348) DKK 348. Find Baby Merino here.

Price (with mohair): DKK 526 (636) 697 (748) 748. Find Kid-Silk here.

The prices are indicative.

The budget-friendly yarn:

When we talk about a more budget-friendly alternative, it is a good idea to omit the mohair in the sweater. It is typically the one that makes the jersey more expensive.

HOWEVER, if you love mohair like I do, go for a more budget-friendly kind. For example I myself love Drops Kid-Silk, as I think it delivers high quality at a low price. Find Drops Kid-Silk here. Can typically be found on offer. Otherwise there is Diablo from Hobbi. This is also a cheap mohair alternative, although not as good quality as Drops Kid-Silk in my opinion.

1st alternative

Materials: 1 strand of Pernilla from Filcolana (50g = approx. 175m)

Amount: 400 (450-500) 500-550 (550-600) 600 g Pernilla.

Price (without mohair): DKK 336 (420) 462 (504) 504. Find Pernilla here.

The prices are the guidelines.

2nd alternative

Materials: 1 thread Mayflower Easy Care (50g= approx. 185m)

Quantity: 400 (450-500) 500-550 (550-600) 600 g Mayflower Easy Care.

Price (without mohair): DKK 208 (260) 286 (312) DKK 312. Find Easy Care here.

The prices are indicative.

Do you have a good yarn alternative for the Alma Sweater? Then message @atheneknitwear on Instagram or email atheneknitwear@gmail.com with your yarn alternative!!