Yarn alternatives for Dorthea Sweater - Mohair Edition

Here you will find yarn alternatives for Dorthea Sweater - Mohair Edition.

How to find a yarn alternative?

As a starting point for all Athene Knitwear's pattern, you can choose exactly the type of yarn you want. The only thing to be aware of when choosing is the knitting strength. You must find a type of yarn that complies with the knitting strength specified in the recipe. In this way, you are ensured that the size ultimately fits the measurements given in the pattern.

For the Dorthea Sweater - Mohair Edition, the knitting tension is 19 stitches x 32 rows on needles 4 mm in the knitting tension pattern.

The recipe is available in the following sizes: XS (S) M (L) XL (2XL) 3XL (4XL) 5XL

Below is an overview of possible yarn alternatives for the Dorthea Sweater in the categories: original yarn, budget-friendly yarn and exclusive yarn.

Original yarn:

Materials: 3 strands of Nordic Sky Oulu Kid-Silk (25 g = approx. 237 m).

In the images below, the colors are used:

Oulu in colour: white. Find Oulu here. 

Quantity: 350-375 (375) 375-400 (375-400) 400-425 (400-425) 425-450 (425-450) 450 g Oulu.

Price: DKK 630 (630) 672 (672) 714 (714) 756 (756) 756. Find Oulu here.

The prices are indicative.

Budget-friendly yarn:

1st yarn alternative:

Dorthea Sweater - Mohair Edition is perfect for all your mohair scraps! Then weigh your mohair scraps and see how much is enough and possibly buy a little extra if you lack to be able to knit this beautiful sweater! It gives the most beautiful result and is a good way to empty some of the yarn stock.

Below is an example of a Dorthea Sweater - Mohair Edition in remnants:

Materials: 3 strands of mohair scraps from the stash.

Amount: 350-375 (375) 375-400 (375-400) 400-425 (400-425) 425-450 (425-450) 450 g leftovers from the stashes.

See our KAL JUNE 2023 to find a guide to turn your scraps into a new masterpiece.

2nd yarn alternative:

Materials: 3 strands of Kid-Silk Mohair from Drops (25 g = 210 m).

Quantity: 350-375 (375) 375-400 (375-400) 400-425 (400-425) 425-450 (425-450) 450 g Kid-Silk Mohair from Drops.

Price: DKK 615 (615) 656 (656) 697 (697) 738 (738) 738 DKK Find Kid-Silk here.

The prices are indicative.

Do you have a good yarn alternative for the Dorthea Sweater? Then message @atheneknitwear on Instagram or email atheneknitwear@gmail.com with your yarn alternative!!